2017 Worcester Shorts Program



Directed by Paul Scheufler, Austria, 2017, 4:32 mins, Short, Experimental
East Coast Premiere
“Love is as diverse as our sense of taste.” How does it smell, feel, taste, touch, in this visually stunning, artistic exploration of the sensory experience of the physical, hence psychological, dynamics as we explore the natural world of beauty in things, from fruits to vegetable to flowers, in a kind of kaleidoscopic voyage in celebration of love.


Edited by Patricia Silva, USA, 2015, 5:55 mins, Short, Experimental
New England Premiere

From the Editor’s Statement: “A formal study of some of the earliest modern visual signs of bisexual visual cultures, and its complex structure for recognition, with focus on ‘how bisexuals have to write ourselves into LGBTQ discourses—both academic and social.” Provocative! Captivating! Cutting-edge! Enlightening!



Directed by Carlos Ruano, Spain, 2017, 10:00 mins, Short, Comedy
World Premiere

Two lazy young best friends literally take the summer off from school and work. Booming around outside Madrid they spend their time, beer drinking, partying, clubbing, chasing chicks and perhaps getting into some trouble. But what seems like a bromance as one of the boys is gay. The coming-out story is retold in this film with cleverness and humor. In Spanish with English subtitles.




Directed by Albert M. Chan, USA, 2012, 19:59 mins, Short, Drama
Worcester Premiere

Inspired by his own “roller coaster” experience to become “adoptive parents,” particularly as a gay Asian man, married to a gay Italian-American man, the director presents an entertaining as well as educational film that will inspire and motivate other same-sex couples to adopt. Despite the challenges, disappointments, conflicts and setbacks, there is tenderness, love and determination to achieve their “commitment” in having a family.




Directed by Jake Graf, UK, 2017, 4:00 mins, Short, Drama
Worcester Premiere

From the Director’s Statement:  The film “offers an as-yet unseen insight into the everyday transgender experience, and will hopefully promote much needed acceptance and understanding” to diminish and end fear, intolerance, alienation, rejection, even hate in people who shy away from those who are transgender. With an all trans cast, led by activist/model Munroe Bergdorf of USA TV’s “The Strut” among other celebrities. Powerful!  Thought-provoking!  Revealing!




Directed by Jake Graf, UK, 2017, 15:00 mins, Short, Drama
Worcester Premiere

Inspired by a simple email, the endearing film will hopefully “resonate far beyond the lives of the star-crossed lovers.”  With central themes of choice, regret, fear of a half-lived life—these are feelings that affect us all at one point or another. From the director’s notes, “I believe that it is how these quandaries are dealt with that define us.”  Inspiring! Engaging! Profound!





Directed by David Bobrow, USA, 2016, 17:42 mins, Short, Drama
Worcester Premiere

Based upon the Lambda Literary Award winning short story by the well-respected gay writer Richard Hall, the film by the same name is “an affecting tale about a gay writer, transplanted from a large urban center to a small town, after the death of loving partner.” To fill his time, he is encouraged to take on teaching an LGBT class to a most unusual group of very secretive locals, misfits even, (possibly paranormals) who lead him toward larger mysteries. You’re kept guessing by this seductive story that stays with you long after it’s over.





Directed by Kyle Reaume, Canada, 2016, 13:16 mins, Short, Drama
Northeast Premiere

There will be untold millions of coming-out stories as long as there are LGBTQ+ people on the planet. They are daily recurrences that happen across our nation and around the world. Riddled with internal and external conflict and strife, honesty may be the best policy bout how do you parlay that in one’s own life. The film raises several questions. What do you do when you reveal your secretive sexual orientation to the best friend of your current girlfriend? Do you continue to promote even more new lies? Do you share your secret with the only gay man you know? Should he be the one to “out” you?