qFLIX Worcester 2018 New Media Program

Saturday, October 13, 2018, 11:00 AM

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Created by and starring Mike Dreyden, this web series focuses on the life of Leo Ocean, a recently displaced corporate cog who must leave that life behind and enter the world of gay New York City nightlife and adult entertainment as a matter of survival.



A web series with a classic retro flavor, “Good Samaritans” is about Guy, a self-absorbed event planner, and his polar opposite, Carol, the embodiment of Southern hospitality.



A new scripted LGBTQ+ web series about learning from your past and finding your tribe written, directed and starring Jack Tracy.


These online stories give us a glimpse into LGBTQ+ lives through intimate portraits using differing styles of storytelling, with each queer filmmaker bringing their own creative approach.


After Cassie gets tormented for not “looking like a girl” in the school bathroom, a demonic vengeance troll awakens to avenge her — only making the nightmare worse.



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