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Thursday, October 11 @ 7:30 pm


Directed by Andrew Fleming, 91 minutes, 2018, USA, Comedy, Drama, English.

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Kings of comedy Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd star as a bickering couple who have to deal with a serious reality check when a long lost grandson shows up looking for his family. Flamboyant TV chef Erasmus Brumble (Coogan), along with his director, and long-term partner Paul (Rudd), are happily going through life playing as hard as they work. But suddenly they have to decide whether to grow-up or continue down their well-trodden path when family calls.

Friday, October 12 @ 5:00 pm


Directed by Martín Deus, 97 minutes, 2017, Argentina, Drama, Romance, Spanish with English subtitles.
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Lorenzo is a quiet teenager who lives with his parents and his younger brother in a small city in Argentina. One day, a family friend’s son, Caíto, moves south and settles in at Lorenzo’s home. After a couple of days, Lorenzo’s parents feel they’ve had enough, but then, Caíto makes a big confession to Lorenzo and tells him the true reason why he was forced to leave his house. After that, Lorenzo takes charge of him so that his parents let him stay. He now has a secret to hold, a responsibility to take and a troublesome partner that will take him through new life experiences.


Friday, October 12 @ 7:15 pm


Directed by Dominique Choisy, 91 minutes, 2018, France, Comedy, French with English subtitles.

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Invited to present his first feature film, “My Life with James Dean,” in Normandy, the young director Géraud Champreux has no idea this film tour is about to change his life. From wild stampedes to woeful screenings to drunken evenings, Géraud ends up finding inspiration in this unlikely town at the end of the earth. This movie within a movie gives you a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of film festivals and those involved with running them.

Friday, October 12 @ 9:30 pm


Directed by Max Emerson, 92 minutes, 2017, USA, Drama, English.

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In this sexy big screen directorial debut, Director/Writer Max Emerson (“Glee,” “The Real O’Neals”), tells the story of Jack, an 18-year old hustler, and his boyfriend, Tom. They are very close and very much in love, but Jack is impulsive and explosive with few redeeming qualities. Matt, a married man who hasn’t come out of the closet, takes Jack from NYC to Miami with the intention of helping him. Is their relationship strong enough to survive this “help” and the perils they each face in their lives?


Saturday, October 12 @ 11:00 am


Directed by Various Filmmakers, Global
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Take a glimpse into the world of LGBTQ+ web series, online storytelling and new film.

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Saturday, October 13 @ 1:15 pm


Directed by Lisa Olivieri, 60 minutes, 2017, USA, Documentary, Drama, English.

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This film documents 15 years in the life of Patricia Livingstone, a feisty artist losing her sight and hearing while trying to survive her abusive girlfriend. This epic story – conveyed with a tone set by the quirky humor of Patricia’s narration — shines a light on domestic abuse, disability, forgiveness, and what it truly means to be independent.

Shown With:


Directed by Iris Devins, 15 minutes, 2017, USA, Short, English

“After the Date” shares the relationship between Emma, a trans woman, and a new romantic interest, Nate. The two are brought together by Emma’s interest in photography. Emma fears rejection from her new boyfriend, and the strength of their bond is tested after Emma experiences harassment by a police officer. After the Date depicts a positive and loving relationship between a trans woman and a cisgender, straight man.


Saturday, October 13 @ 3:30 pm


Directed by Gabriel Silverman (as Gabe Silverman), 93 minutes, 2018, USA, Documentary, English.

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Around 15,500 transgender people serve in the U.S. military, where they must conceal their gender identity because military policies ban their service. “TransMilitary” chronicles the lives of four individuals defending their country’s freedom while fighting for their own. They put their careers and their families’ livelihoods on the line by coming out as transgender to top brass officials in the Pentagon in hopes of attaining the equal right to serve. The ban was lifted in 2016, but with President Trump now trying to reinstate it, their futures hang in the balance again.


Saturday, October 13 @ 5:45 pm


Directed by Niels Arden Oplev, 108 minutes, 2014, Denmark, Drama, Danish with English subtitles.

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From the director of “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” comes this though-provoking and compelling film. In a quirky small town situated on the outskirts of everything, 14-year-old Martin is getting ready for one of the most formal transitions from boy to man: the communion. The year is 1976, music is in the air and hormones are blossoming. But in the midst of it all, Martin’s mother suddenly passes away and her tragic death triggers a series of events that not only change Martin’s life forever, but also affect everyone else in the community.

Saturday, October 13 @ 8:00 pm


Directed by Charlie David, 88 minutes, 2018, Canada, Drama, English.

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“Shadowlands” is an anthology style film that explores love in three separate stories – a couple renegotiating a relationship, a narcissist grasping to comprehend it, and star-crossed lovers mourning its loss.  The film begins in 1928 with Alex, a plastic surgeon hell-bent on perfection, hosting a house party with an assortment of colorful guests. Amid romantic misfires it becomes apparent that the only person Alex is interested in is himself.    Fast forward to 1951 and a gay military couple exploring the idea of opening their relationship while on a remote camping trip when they encounter a mysterious stranger.   The stories conclude in 2018 with a painter who in mourning the loss of his lover, becomes obsessed with creating a realistic painting of him. The resulting piece is so beautiful and life like that he is drawn under its spell.


Saturday, October 13 @ 10:00 pm


Directed by Scud, 97 minutes, 2017, Hong Kong, Drama, Chinese with English subtitles.

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“Adonis” is the latest film offering from international filmmaker, Scud (“City Without Baseball”, “Utopians” and Voyage”). Yang Ke, an actor at the Beijing Opera, discovers the world of prostitution, offering his services both to men and women. With devotion and passion, he surrenders his body while also searching for love. But all around him, hypocrisy reigns and devours him.

WARNING: This movie contains sex, nudity and is intended for “NC-17” audiences.

Sunday, October 14 @ 11:00 am


Directed by Various Filmmakers, Global, 62 mins

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Sunday, October 14 @ 1:15 pm


Directed by Ingrid Veninger, 85 minutes, 2017, USA, Drama, Romance, English.
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Porcupine Lake is a story of bravery and the secret life of girls set in Northern Ontario during a hot and hazy summertime when adulthood has not yet arrived, but childhood is quickly vanishing. The story of two pre-teen girls discovering their romantic feelings for each other flips the switch on this story and beautifully captures the awkward innocence of adolescence.



Sunday, October 14 @ 3:30 pm


Directed by Matthew Montgomery, 87 minutes, 2018, USA, Drama, Thriller, English.

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Two men encounter each other on a dangerous gay cruising park trail and quickly find themselves caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse. “Devil’s Path,” the directorial debut of Matthew Montgomery (“Gone, But Not Forgotten”, “Star Trek: Odyssey”) plays into our preconceptions of the horror genre and delivers a plot-twisting and entertaining psychological LGBTQ+ thriller

Director Matthew Montgomery will be in attendance.


Sunday, October 14 @ 5:45 pm


Directed by Q. Allan Brocka, 108 minutes, 2018, USA, Musical, Romance, English.

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Café Broadway, anyone? Check out Tony, rocking out on the soap operas now, but will rocket fueled success generate heated jealousy among the pack? Anthony’s got a drop dead gorgeous Abercrombie-esque boyfriend that loves to strip, can’t get enough of him and looks great in … football cleats? A boy like that! There might even be a cameo from a fabulously famous ex- West Side Story star—hint, hint. Delightful in its core, this one is a sure to be hit. After all, life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Who doesn’t love Broadway? 

Sunday, October 14 @ 8:00 pm



Directed by Alessandro Genovesi, 90 minutes, 2018, Italy, Comedy, Italian with English subtitles.

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In this merry movie of matrimony, happily engaged Antonio brings his fiancé Paulo to the exquisite old Italian village of his birth to meet his headstrong parents and reveal his sexuality, setting out on a quest to make a city founded on religious tradition understand that love is love. If “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Mama Mia” had a baby it would be this delightfully campy film.



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