Screening @ qFLIX Worcester 2018, Saturday, October 13, @ 10:00 PM (NC-17)

What gay man doesn’t covet fame . . . especially when you’re surrounded by about thirty of the hottest guys on the planet? Let’s face it, people remembering us is just ONE thing we might want when we’ve got dozens of pairs of Asian abs of steel to deal with. Is this a queer haven, or is it just the latest work by SCUD, the notorious LGBTQ+ director who’s never afraid to turn up the heat? I’d say more so the latter here. You need to check this one out.

Enter “Adonis,” a deliriously sexual portrait of what can consequently happen when a narcissistic opera star and bisexual sort of con man ends up going toe to toe with the sordid underbelly we more openly refer to as a commercial sex circuit. GASP! What’s that, an actor desperate for work and willing to do just… anything? Is this something by SCUD or based off the legend of Faust who sold his soul for worldly pleasure? If you’re not the intellectual type, don’t worry, there’s more than enough full-frontal genitalia here to keep an audience entertained.

With a running time of just over ninety-minutes, “Adonis” more than succeeds as a visceral, sometimes pornographic, sometimes experimental meditation that any member of the qFLIX Worcester audience might find extremely compelling.  This also happens to be the seventh film installment by SCUD, who’s also brought us other highly erotic diamonds in the rough such as “City Without Baseball” (2008), “Permanent Residence” (2009) and “Utopians” (2015).

In some cases, a less sophisticated director might allow such graphic content to become instantly vacuous for a lot of filmgoers, but in the case of SCUD, it doesn’t happen. He’s such a meticulous, auteur that you tend to get totally wrapped deep inside of every story he tells. That doesn’t fail to happen in the case of Thirty Years of Adonis either. Oh yeah . . . the timeline also tends to jump so it’ll keep you thinking as contemplate various scenes from our main characters life. Such a sexy GAY puzzle!

Featuring a sultry Asian cast that includes the likes of Adonis He Fei, who also paired with SCUD in “Utopians,” Nora Miao (Vulgaria, 2012), and Amanda Lee (“77 Heartbreaks,” 2017), this also happens to be a film that is not hurting for a lack of talent in the pool’s water. The question which artfully remains is how do you transition from one field to another while still remaining true to who you are, is dramatically presented to the audience by SCUD without mercy but with much taste? Ironic, given the subject matter!

In essence, “Adonis” is an excellent movie and a remarkable addition to the directors growing resume of excellent films.

It’s slated to be one of dozens more primed for the largest LGTBQ+ film festival in the area and we can’t wait to see you there. This one should be a real SCREAM, yes?  

World class director SCUD will be in attendance for a talk-back after the film.