There is something unique about the way that Gerald McCullouch speaks that is all at once highly inquisitive, deeply connected with whom he’s engaging and, in a sense, semi-vulnerable.

It’s not that he’s a super taciturn sort of guy, far from it as a matter of fact. His answers to my questions when we chatted for a few minutes on September 5th about his latest film: “All Male, All Nude: Johnsons,” a killer sequel to the 2017 documentary of the same name that follows the life and times of a group of well-endowed male dancers working at a famous joint in Wilton Manors, are battery charged and articulated to almost a fault. Funny, I can’t physically see the long-time actor, director and producer, but he talks with me in a way like we are old friends, even though we’ve never met.

“What you have to understand is the lives that these men lead when they aren’t performing,” he tells me with vigor a few minutes in, before relating how one of the key characters that are followed during the film has two careers, dancing at night and playing Spider-Man during more conventional hours.

Am I sure I heard that, quite right?

It’s true though, McCullouch tells me with the same friendly style I noted a moment ago. This one guy entertains children at parties by dressing up as the famed web-slinger throughout the morning and afternoon and then pretty much has his clothes ripped later in the same evening.

It’s at that point, and, for a wonderful moment or two that the verbose McCullouch quietly muses about his respect for the dichotomy that’s presented by one of the stars of the film. It’s clear to ANY observer that he has a great love and tremendous respect for all of them. He spends much of the conversation explaining what a great team they are to work with and how much time he spent getting to know everyone dancing at this club seated in the second gayest city in the US.

That’s why at its core, “All Male, All Nude: Johnsons” makes for one of the finest independent documentaries about a taboo culture of its generation, even possibly succeeding its predecessor as a truly great piece of art. That’s not to say that the first installment wasn’t great, but there’s always both reason and a room for a sequel, especially when you are dealing with a filmmaker the caliber of McCullouch.

I guess the question remains, what’s next?

We will have to see. There are so many different genres of film that our artist can tackle with time. He’s brilliant at what he does and an understated auteur. I think that viewing some of these films will certainly give our audience a friendly glimpse as to what goes into dancing, why they do it, what motivates these men as men, and what will create an EVEN larger fanbase for Gerald.

In a nutshell, bravo. This one is a must see.

“All Male, All Nude: Johnsons” is screening @ qFLIX Worcester 2019 on Friday, October 11 @ 9:30 PM

*This movie contains nudity.