Screening @ qFLIX Worcester 2018 on Saturday, October 13, @ 5:45 PM

So, what happens when you’re a fourteen-year-old Danish uber blonde who has to deal with raging hormones, the tragic loss of mom . . . and growing up in the sultry 70’S? Sounds like a powder keg loaded with drama to me!  Or maybe, it’s just “Speed Walking” (Denmark: “Kapgang”) a powerful, hormonal tale generated by the always great Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and delivered to the USA by LGBTQ+ media giant Breaking Glass Pictures! Speaking of delivery…Did we mention that the film will be just one of dozens screened as qFLIX heads to Worcester, MA from October 11th through October 14th? I think you need to see this one. Plus, who can’t relate to ruminating teens?

In “Speed Walking”, enter the realm of protagonist Martin (Villads Boye).  He’s your standard teen: family oriented, surfer-boy good looking and whose personality is a bit on the taciturn side, but what’s going to happen when tragedy strikes, and his beloved mother succumbs to cancer, leaving the vulnerable, sensitive teen in an extremely precocious situation? I’ll say it again: who can’t relate?

How does one co-manage mourning the death of a loved one while experiencing his sexuality in full blossom? He’s already smitten with school colleague Kristine (Kraka Donslund Nielsen, in presumably her first film) and trying to navigate home life with Dad (Anders W Berthelsen, “Just Another Love Story”) but what’s going on between him and the cutesy (male) best friend (Frederik Winther Rasmussen, “Rita”)?  Is this going to be an eventual relationship that will become more than just “playful,” or will this always remain on the platonic side of things?  You’ll need to check out the film to ever really know with any certain what’s going to happen with this menagerie of a cast.

Oplev is no stranger to incorporating some dark motif into his works, but, at the same time, he knows how to keep things on the playful side. We’ve seen it in his work other than “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and we see it again in the masterful “Speed Walking,” which is sure to excite the qFLIX audience come this October and help all to understand the many layers that we deal with grief in a completely unique way. The cast is young, dynamic and as always, very sexy.

Bring something to dry your eyes, but, don’t take your eyes off the screen here for even a moment’s notice. I mean, how can you with a film like this? Our director Oplev has expertly co-mingled EVERYTHING that the qFLIX audience needs to enjoy a film: a dramatic story, compelling, attractive characters, and themes that defy their decades in many different capacities. He has brought the 1970’s back to life with the mod fashions AND the closeted fears.

You need to rush to see this one. “Speed Walking” is pure art that is generated by one of the finest international directors of this generation.