Screening @ qFLIX Worcester 2018, Thursday, October 11, @ 7:30 PM

Not since 1997’s major league hit “The Object of My Affection,” have we seen the always funny Paul Rudd as a co-conspirator for a witty gay dramedy—and this time, during Andrew Fleming‘s “Ideal Home,” there’s no Jennifer Aniston in tow that can (maybe) mask as Rudd’s beard.

Luckily, the past twenty-plus years have been especially kind to the actor and he still makes for a blissful queen. Substituting here for Aniston is a wonderfully contemporary Steve Coogan (“Philomena,” 2013)—and with that, we’ve got a fiery couple (Paul and Erasmus, respectively) trying to figure out how they are going to make some MAJOR life change, with as little drama as humanly possibly when the cute as a button ten-year-old boy randomly turns up out of the blue and claiming to be the long last  grandson of Erasmus!

Wait, isn’t he a little too young to be playing Grandpa? Silver fox maybe?  How’s the drama going to be avoided? Hint, hint: it’s not. This IS a gay themed film, remember?

Fleming’s “Ideal Home” is a perfect “what if” of a dystopian gay comedy in that we’ve got a couple, long set in their respective ways and never hurting for a touch of hyper extravagance neither totally ready or totally able to take on someone so unexpected. The question will arise: are our heroes up for the task of child care?  Can’t these surely wealthy dudes afford a pricey nanny at least? Will introspective altruism trump a long history of narcissism? This one’s a sure hit, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s warmly written, with a major slab of dark humor by director Fleming, who’s also provided our audience with other lighthearted gems such as “Threesome” (1994), “Nancy Drew” (2007) and the always popular “Barefoot” (2014). In addition to his film credits, Fleming has also directed several episodes of the legendary FOX born turned Netflix comedy, “Arrested Development”. This is a director serious about his craft, but equally as serious about bringing a smile to the faces of his audience members, something that Fleming does super successfully in the case of “Ideal Home.”

Did we mention that the hit is going to be made available for a screening at qFLIX Worcester 2018: New England’s LGBTQ+ Film Festival and will notably be acting as the festival’s opening night film on Thursday, October 11th, 7:30 PM at the historic Hanover Theatre? We hope that arouses your interest.

The LGBTQ+ family loves great films, great camp and a sexy cast, that’s something that we already know with one-hundred percent certainty. Fleming’s “Ideal Home” coalesces these items with a sort of unparalleled ease that makes this one hell of a likeable queer film.

Yes, YOU have to see it and you know you want to. After all who can’t resist Paul Rudd? We know YOU can’t and neither can the qFLIX clan!

Laugh with us. Bring the family—even the kids. Our festival is indeed, an ideal home for all, isn’t that right?