Change is definitely in the air this fall as producers Thom Cardwell and James Duggan launch qFLIX Worcester 2017, the first-ever LGBTQ+ film festival, September 14-17, in the City of Worcester, and the latest event of its kind in New England, literally on the heels of Worcester Pride. The festival headquarters will be at the Hanover Theater for the Performing Arts, 2 Southbridge St., Worcester.

In cooperation with co-producers Bill Egan and David Shappell, and associate producer, J Christian Rea, the four-day event will bring the latest and best of LGBTQ+ indie films to the greater Worcester region as a major arts and cultural event during the city’s fall season.

“Our intent in presenting qFLIX Worcester this fall is to enhance both the growing arts  and cultural vibrancy to the city, the increased visibility and support of the LGBTQ+ residents in Worcester and the surrounding area, and it’s geographically well positioned between Boston and Providence,” boasted Duggan.

“This year’s programmers are consciously seeking to find undiscovered talent, the newest, youngest and alternative of LGBTQ+ voices and visions among the nation’s and the world’s filmmakers who have tackled a wide range of topics from the complexities of relationships to the more politicized side of the lives of all LGBTQ+ persons in their struggle for acceptance, tolerance, freedom, equality, human and civil rights,” he said.

Cardwell, who served as head programmer, said that LGBTQ+ filmmaking has become widespread with the increase of awareness that such communities exist worldwide along with the impact and accessibility of the Internet and inexpensive and available technology to produce films.

He boasted that shorts, documentaries and features being screened at qFLIX Worcester will come from as close as Framingham and Provincetown to as far away as Austria, South Korea, Ireland and Spain. Giving the festival an international flavor, more than 10 nations of the world, will be represented in this year’s lineup of more than 25 films. They have been selected, according to Cardwell, from some of the leading LGBTQ festivals across the nation and around the world from San Francisco, Toronto, New York and London.

“Diversity continues to be the common thread that runs throughout many of the films in the lineup for qFLIX Worcester 2017 with the breaking down of stereotypes in terms of gender, youth and even lifestyle, in a variety of genres, from whodunit murder mysteries to documentaries about same sex marriage to the current feminist movement in Europe,” Cardwell noted, “Other films cover a wide range of topics from adoption, monogamy, coming out, being gay in the clergy to transgender survival, hooking up via the Internet and family relationships, to name a few.”

All the filmmakers’ voices and intents are to entertain, educate, inform, inspire and connect with the LGBTQ+ film viewers at qFLIX Worcester.

“Festival guests, including filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, producers, composers, crew members and others will be attending qFLIX Worcester in support of their premieres, giving talkbacks and receiving awards, many of them will be visiting the city for the first time and able to stay longer and enjoy the wonders of Worcester instead of merely staying overnight, then back to cities like New York and Los Angeles,” explained Duggan.

There will be no shortages of awards at qFLIX Worcester 2017 with recipients being presented in categories such as first-time director, producer, rising star, human rights, among others, as well as the coveted audience awards that are voted upon via a phone app and announced on closing night.

Tickets are just $10.00 per ticket ($15.00 for opening and closing nights), $7.00 for students and seniors (65+).  ALL ACCESS badges are only $89.00 (a $160 value), with students and seniors paying only $50.00.

Tickets and badges on sale NOW!