SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER is in some ways so original that it can easily be dubbed “a gay LA LA LAND,” at least stylistically in Its freshness in its approach dealing with youthful identity, feeling comfortable in one’s own skin, and early adulthood.

The discovering of love isn’t easy, and encompasses a wide range of emotions, sometimes separately including attraction, affection, rejection, separation, longing, growing up and loss, making this brand new gay American indie film, SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER, the perfect premiere as opening night of qFLIX Worcester 2017, 7:30pm, Thursday, September 14, at the Hanover Theater of the Performing Arts, 2 Southridge St., Worcester.

Prior to the film’s screening, the opening night ceremonies will include presentations of the qFLIX Worcester 2017 Producer’s Award to Carlos Pedraza, and the qFLIX Worcester 2017 Rising Star Award in Acting to Davi Santos.

Showcasing music and song (“Shadow” by gay composer Brandon John), specifically composed for SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER, only enhances the high production values that are the hallmark of the cinematographer turned first-time director, David Berry, who traces the relationship of Tim and Ben, two high schoolers, one very athletic, Adonis-like, concerned about appearances and the status-quo, but with hidden talents, and the other more sensitive, artistic and introspective, who are young “sweethearts.”

In adopting the Jay Bell’s Lambda Literary Award winning romantic novel by screenwriter/producer Carlos Pedraza, the boys grow up, enter adulthood in pursuits of their life’s goals always in search of true love that they come to realize is challenging, tumultuous, and not always forever.

Their worlds are turned upside down when they reunite after a few years absence; their lives are filled with everything from sudden tragedy to hate to the re-evaluation of their personal value systems.

Led by Grant Davis, Davi Santos and Ben Baur (OUT100), along with a perfect supporting cast, they offer stunning performances that capture the audience in an enchanting way.