This hammy, VERY fleshy comedy is chock full of wet skin, immaculately white toweling and GORGEOUS washboard abdominals. Sounds like a scene out of heaven, right? What gay man doesn’t covet a night in the steam and a terrific physique to match up with it? What’s going to happen though, when a disgraced makeup executive (played with vigor by the iconic Traci Lords) realizes that she covets TOTAL control of this place and the very abled bodies that go hand in hand with it? “Steam Room Stories: The Movie” is a terrific tale and a very successful follow-up to the energetic YouTube series first released in 2010. Laugh, cry, hope not to get towel whipped. Do keep in mind there’s a reason why the series has received more than 53 million views, after all!

Directed by JC Calciano, the web series creator and an auteur best known for hits such as “Is It Just Me” (2010) and “The 10 Year Plan” (2014), has this written in a format similar to other over the top gym comedies like the always popular “Dodgeball” of the early 2000’s. We’ve got a true ship of fools in the form of magnificent hunks played by Paris Dylan (Beau), Chris Boudreaux (Balton), Forrest Kiyoshi Hoffman (Tad) and Eric D’Agostino (Neil), chiseled exercise junkies who seem to contemplate more than just how many bench presses they can adequately execute in a row. Here, much like in the series is excellent dialogue and multilayered character development that keeps us highly intrigued at all points during the film.

The plot colorfully revolves around Lord’s character realizing that this particular gym is built over a VERY LITERAL fountain of youth and aggressively plots to buy the location in a witty attempt to control the aging process that we all have been known to fear. This is hilarious work by Lords and a terrific nod to the construct of the megalomaniac CEO stopping at nothing to get what she wants. In similar fashion, the entire cast does a great job of countering her evil efforts as a unique gay team of superheroes that we’ve come to love for quite some time at this point. Calciano, ever the creative mastermind as a director and producer really knows how to engage his cast in a way that brings out the very best that they have to offer at all times as “Steam Room Stories: The Movie” unfolds.

This makes me want to see more from the director. I really couldn’t stop laughing or be profoundly bound to the cast. There’s great wit unleashed in this comedic masterpiece that I think a lot of upstart writers could benefit greatly from observing. So, take some time out of your schedule to focus on more than just a multi-mile run and go watch this film and the accompanying series. It will be greatly worth your efforts. I say that with sincerity.

Screening @ qFLIX Worcester 2019 on Saturday, October 12 @ 8:00 PM.